Tarkenton Named to Inc.’s Second Annual Power Partner Awards

Roundup highlights B2B partners that support startups across all business functions and empower growth

Atlanta, GA, October 24, 2023 – Inc. Business Media today announced that B2B development firm Tarkenton has been honored in the second annual Power Partner Awards. The list honors B2B organizations across the globe that have proven track records supporting entrepreneurs and helping startups grow.

“Trusted B2B partners provide guidance and expertise that founders rely on at various steps of their organization’s journey. Partners that possess a demonstrated ability to deliver quality support are at the core of entrepreneurship and help bring big ideas to life,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. Business Media.

The 2023 awards recognize 389 firms in marketing and advertising, health and wellness, financial services, legal, logistics, and productivity, as well as other areas of business. All 389 companies received top marks from clients for being instrumental in helping leadership navigate the dynamic world of startups. These B2B partners support entrepreneurs across various facets of the business, including hiring, compliance, infrastructure development, cloud migration, fundraising, etc., allowing founders to focus on their core missions.

"This award is not just a win for us, but a win for all the enterprises and startups we have had the honor to work with,” said Tarkenton President Will Adams. “It's a reflection of the collective achievements and the incredible journey we've had together."

At the heart of Tarkenton's ethos is the belief in the transformative power of partnerships and relationships. Through their collaborative approach, they foster a culture of innovation and shared success, which has always been the cornerstone of their operations. The camaraderie they build with their partners goes beyond mere transactional engagements. It's about creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem where ideas flourish, challenges are tackled head-on, and growth is a shared objective. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in their process, where they work hand-in-hand with enterprise partners to understand and solve complex business problems, ensuring a seamless journey towards achieving shared goals.

Why Making the Inc. Power Partners List Matters to Tarkenton

Making it to the Inc. Power Partner Awards is a monumental testament to the effectiveness and value of Tarkenton's partnership model. It underscores their relentless dedication to not just fostering relationships but nurturing them to ensure long-term success and innovation. "Being recognized on such a reputable platform amplifies the essence of what we strive for – creating a network of trust, expertise, and collaborative success," said Adams.

The recognition from Inc. validates Tarkenton's position as a dependable partner for businesses at all stages. It's a reminder that their commitment to providing outstanding service, strategic insight, and operational excellence is making a significant impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

"Our inclusion in the Power Partner List is a driving force for us to continue pushing the boundaries, to continue being the bridge between challenges and solutions for our partners," founder and CEO Fran Tarkenton said. "At Tarkenton, we believe that the path to remarkable solutions is paved with collaborative endeavors, and this recognition fuels our passion to keep forging ahead, together with our partners, towards a future filled with innovation and success."

To view the complete list, go to: https://www.inc.com/power-partner-awards/2023

The November 2023 Issue of Inc. magazine is available online now at https://www.inc.com/magazine and will be on newsstands beginning October 31, 2023.