About Tarkenton

our beliefs

Over his life in business, Fran Tarkenton developed a series of 7 business maxims. These short statements reflect our values as a company, and impact our decision-making and actions every day.


The mission of business is to help people.

Success comes from helping other people solve problems in their lives. It’s not about us – it’s about serving our partners and clients.


People have to talk to people.

No one can make it entirely on their own. Communication and collaboration is how we learn new ideas, build on our thinking, and find better ways to do things.


There are no silver bullets.

No one and no thing is guaranteed to make you succeed. There are no shortcuts on the road to success, so be skeptical about unrealistic promises.


Reinvent yourself every day.

In a world that is constantly changing and moving, staying still is falling behind. Always be looking for ways to get a little bit better, and stay open to change.


Have a sense of desperation.

Never get complacent, no matter how much success you’ve had in the past. Keep the heart of a challenger to face the day with energy and boldness.


Learn more from your failures than your successes.

No one gets it right every time. We don’t hide from accountability, but embrace the truth and use what we learn to get better and better every day.


Nothing takes the place of hard work.

There are plenty of people who are smart and talented, but the essential ingredient to success is a willingness to put in the work and get the job done.