White Label SaaS Solutions

In a competitive business landscape, companies need adaptable, scalable, and reliable solutions to seize opportunities and provide the best service to their clients. At Tarkenton, we take pride in being a premier provider of white label SaaS solutions, working closely with our partners to seamlessly integrate valuable services into new or existing B2B offerings. With Tarkenton SaaS solutions, you can unlock new sales growth and strengthen your brand.

Business Plan Software

Success requires knowing both your destination and how to get there. That’s why businesses of every size need a business plan. It’s an invaluable tool for mapping the future, obtaining financing to fuel growth, and evaluating progress.

Our intuitive software is designed to make building a comprehensive business plan easy and intuitive. We offer industry-specific templates so that users can create a plan that’s appropriate for their needs, and our guided wizard with video tutorials shows how to build out each section. That includes not just an executive summary and detailed narrative, but also complete multi-year financial statements and projections, such as income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and more.

Corporate Minutes Software

Tarkenton’s corporate minutes writer helps business owners stay compliant with legal requirements, providing a layer of protection for formal entities. Our corporate minutes software ensures that every meeting, decision, and corporate record is meticulously documented, archived, and accessible – so they can serve as documented proof in legal disputes, protection for directors and officers, and a historical record of a business’s evolution.

This SaaS tool provides convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind, so that corporate minutes are no longer a burden. Instead, users never have to miss a meeting or lose track of their documentation.

Online Business Consultation

Running a business requires countless decisions, large and small. But many business owners don’t have a trusted, experienced advisor that they can easily turn to for timely insights, knowledge, and guidance. Tarkenton’s online business consultants solve that problem.

With decades of experience in a wide range of business fields, our consultants can help come up with new ideas, provide feedback on plans, and give information to make a better decision in a complicated situation. Over more than two decades, our business consulting service has answered tens of thousands of questions, developing a knowledge base so that we can give answers fast.

Business & Legal Forms

Navigating legal terrain can be challenging for business owners. With Tarkenton’s extensive library of business and legal forms, companies can take on complicated situations.

This archive makes it easy for business owners to build a professional reputation, standardize communication, and create proper, legally binding agreements. Tarkenton’s business form templates include many common documents, such as independent contractor agreements, debt collection letters, buy-sell agreements, licensing agreements, and more, with a simple wizard tool that makes business form creation simple.

Website Builder

A business’s website is often the first thing potential clients look for. Can they find the website at all? If they do, what does it look like? Is it a well-designed site that is easy to navigate and understand? Tarkenton’s website builder SaaS solution enables business owners to easily create a professional website that enhances their brand and drives sales.

Our website builder includes a wide range of industry-specific templates to give each user the right tools for their audience. Sites are built with fully responsive design, so they will display perfectly on any screen, from the largest desktop monitor to a tablet all the way to a smartphone.