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A Fortune 500 company partnered with Tarkenton to create a new training platform focused on compliance related subjects impacting small business employers and employees. Tarkenton helped formulate the concept for the service, developed the Learning Management System (LMS), established data connections and integrations with the partner’s platform, researched, developed, and produced video-based training content, and provided ongoing service to the partner’s clients and internal teams.

Tarkenton helped us successfully address a glaring market need in record time. With Tarkenton’s ongoing commitment to this initiative, our compliance training solution has been utilized by more than 300,000 businesses and their employees, making it our most successful new product release in years.

- Vice President, Specialty Solutions

the opportunity

A partner with a substantial small business client base began receiving requests for help with new state-mandated trainings on topics such as sexual harassment prevention. The partner believed that creating an online learning platform that included these required trainings would add tremendous value to their existing clients, and help achieve growth in the small business marketplace.

However, this partner did not have experience building the kind of infrastructure that would be required to deliver training to clients on such a large scale, or in quickly producing professional-grade training courses.

That’s when they called Tarkenton in.

the process

Our team tackled this opportunity in four steps.

First, the Tarkenton strategy team worked directly with the partner’s strategy, product, data, and service leaders to identify and define the market need and business opportunity, by analyzing the partner’s existing client base to determine which clients would be impacted by compliance-related training mandates, which clients would benefit from ancillary training benefits, and which clients did not already have an existing training provider.

Second, once the market needs, requirements, and business opportunity were defined and sized, the Tarkenton development team proceeded to build a custom LMS to host and deliver the new training service. We collaborated with the partner’s product, data, and global security teams to ensure the platform was fully integrated into their existing client interface. In addition to hosting training courses, the LMS also provided clients with recordkeeping capabilities, retake auto reminders, employee rosters, progress and performance insights, and certificates; all designed to assist clients with their compliance requirements and responsibilities. Our developers continue to provide ongoing maintenance, innovation, and security oversight to the LMS.

Third, the Tarkenton content and creative teams researched, developed, and produced the training content that would be platformed on the LMS. We worked closely with the partner’s internal learning and compliance teams to develop to ensure all courses complied with relevant state and federal training requirements as well as accredited professional association continuing education requirements. To build a training library, our teams:

  • Identified professionally credentialed and qualified presenters
  • Filmed training courses in our production studio
  • Edited recordings into professional-grade training videos
  • Created, delivered, and supported training courses in Spanish as needed

Finally, the Tarkenton service and operations team provides ongoing support for this product. For our partner’s internal teams, we deliver ongoing training and support for their sales and service organizations. For clients and their employees, we provide phone, online chat, and email support. We also continue to create and produce new course content for this LMS as new market needs and business opportunities arise.


partners & internal teams:

training 1

ongoing training

partner support 1

sales & service support

clients & their employees:

customer support 1

live online chat

email 1

email support

phone support 1

phone support

the outcome

With ongoing support from Tarkenton’s development, content, and service teams, in the span of three years, the LMS has amassed more than 300,000 active users and has been a major catalyst in the partner’s record-breaking sales and retention growth and performance. Tarkenton continues to support and enhance the LMS and its content, features, and support.