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Complete brand relaunch
Successful rollout for new and existing clients
Developed marketing infrastructure for new client acquisition, service, and support


A post-revenue company that was implementing a new approach to healthcare and condition management partnered with Tarkenton to develop the company’s new brand identity and marketing ecosystem.  

the opportunity

After validating their minimally viable product with several market partners, the leaders at then-Veritas Healthcare Management believed they were ready to take their service to the market-at-large.  

But first, they wanted to ensure their branding accurately and compellingly represented their mission, vision, and values as a company, while also having a scalable marketing ecosystem to match.  

It all needed to be done quickly, too, to properly reintroduce the company with current clients and be ready for the next major selling season for new clients. Tarkenton was the right partner to help them accelerate speed to market. 

the process

The Tarkenton team approached this partnership in a series of stages, progressively involving more and more of the company’s resources and skillsets. 

In Phase One, Tarkenton’s research and strategy team worked with Veritas to better understand their company and business model. Stakeholders from both Veritas and Tarkenton worked together to create a Customer Journey Map, detailing the comprehensive customer experience from the first point of contact all the way to the desired service outcomes. 

In partnership with Veritas’s leadership team, Tarkenton learned about the fundamental principles underlying their business’s mission and approach to service. This would prove vital in Phase Two, when Tarkenton’s creative team got involved.  

Working in parallel, the research and strategy team defined the business category that best described the client’s service – nurse-led care coaching – while the creative team developed new options for a brand name and identity that would better fit the company’s ethos.  

In the end, the newly chosen name was “Curally,” derived from the Latin word cura, “care,” and “ally,” tying directly to the mission and category identified by research and strategy. The new name was accompanied by a new logo and brand guide that established the proper voice and terminology as well as compelling visual direction for the brand. 

The central focus of Phase Three was developing all the infrastructure and assets required to support the new Curally brand. These included: 

  • A new marketing website to properly showcase both the service and the brand voice 
  • A series of whitepapers detailing some of Curally’s spectacular results with past and current clients and participants 
  • A 90-second marketing video that clearly communicates the company’s mission and approach 
  • An interactive demo for Curally sales teams to present to potential clients 
  • Social media profiles and content strategy to establish the Curally brand 
  • Business collateral for sales presentations, client/participant meetings, and other leave-behinds 

Everything culminated in Phase Four, when Tarkenton worked with Curally leadership to prepare for a formal launch. The Tarkenton marketing team developed and began implementing a marketing strategy, including ongoing SEO-optimized content, digital advertising, social media, sales presentation decks, and more.  

Meanwhile, Tarkenton’s client services team took over as the support arm for Curally, preparing to serve current and new participants through phone, email, and live chat.  

As the open enrollment season approached, Tarkenton worked with Curally to plan formal launch events, introducing the new Curally brand to existing clients, and presenting the brand and service to new participants. 

the outcome

Tarkenton’s work led to a successful roll out of the Curally brand to the existing client base, reengaging past participants and reaching the audience with a compelling new message. Simultaneously, Tarkenton helped Curally’s sales team successfully navigate the complicated task of onboarding new clients while rebranding the service.  

With Tarkenton’s ongoing partnership and involvement, Curally is poised for greater and greater success scaling its proven model to new markets.