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Corporate Relocation International (CRI) is a leading provider of executive and employee relocation, servicing more than 150 countries. CRI partnered with Tarkenton to create a new brand aimed at providing a luxury moving experience to private individuals, reaching a new market and helping the business respond to changes in the market. 

Tarkenton helped us to take a step back, really identify the problem we were trying to solve, and develop our idea more thoroughly. They were incredibly easy to work with, and their team-based approach made them the ideal partner for this creative process by adding to our innovation instead of just delivering on a narrow focus.

 - Anthony Horton, CEO, CRI  

the problem

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, CRI experienced a decrease in business, as companies held off on executive moves. Further, growth in remote work and digital tools may have a long-term impact on the corporate relocation industry. 

CRI’s plan to deal with this changing marketplace was to expand their target and provide direct-to-consumer moving services, focusing first on high net worth individuals. However, their first attempt at serving this market, called Signature Select, was not connecting with the upper-class homeowners they were attempting to reach. Service delivery was perfect, but something more was needed. 

Enter Tarkenton.

the process

The Tarkenton creative team worked directly with CRI’s leaders to develop a plan. We focused on the need to tell a compelling, unique story with a new brand that would help CRI stay top of mind with their high-end client base. We came up with the name for the new brand: “Freya,” named after the 20th century author Dame Freya Stark, an explorer and travel writer who we believed represented the combination of elegance, authenticity, and adventure that would sell this luxury moving experience.

After agreeing on this new brand and vision, CRI tasked Tarkenton with creating and helping to implement an initial marketing plan. The Tarkenton creative team led the way in developing a series of assets that the CRI team would use moving forward, including:

the outcome

The launch of the Freya brand was successful. All marketing assets were created and delivered on time, and CRI took over the operation of the initiative. 

In its first year, Freya initially generated more than $800k in revenue, and created additional awareness among previous corporate relocation clients who may be in the market for personal relocation services. The early successes have since led to further opportunities in the private moving market, particularly in the senior moving space. With this proof of concept that the brand was effective and memorable, CRI has been able to focus on their premium service delivery.