Sales and Support Solutions

Tarkenton’s team is committed to seeing each project through from planning all the way through execution. A major determinant of success will be preparing your company’s sales and service teams to properly market and support new offerings.

We can deliver ongoing sales and support training for those internal teams to help your business sustain success, fitting into your own communication channels and providing new outlets as needed.


Thanks to technology, we can host live events even from across the country, or even the world. Webinars are online seminars or interactive presentations that allow individuals and organizations to share information, knowledge, and expertise with a remote audience over the internet.

The Tarkenton team works with partners to create and/or produce webinars, hosted by partner leaders, Tarkenton team members, or third-party experts as appropriate. This versatile tool is valuable for educating teams on new products and services, sales and support strategies, and current events that impact the business, providing a cost-effective way to connect with a geographically diverse audience.

In-Person Training Events

Sometimes, the personal touch is an unbeatable advantage. In-person training events are immersive learning experiences that can convey more meaning than other kinds of training. These events provide a valuable opportunity for participants to engage directly with instructors, trainers, or subject matter experts.

While online and virtual training options have become more prevalent, in-person training events remain highly effective for fostering interactive learning, building relationships, and delivering hands-on expertise in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Phone Support

Phone support is a customer service method that involves providing assistance and resolving issues through telephone communication. Our phone support services offer a direct and personal way for your business to interact with customers, address their inquiries, troubleshoot problems, and offer solutions in real-time.

Tarkenton’s trained support team offers phone support for businesses with a customer helpline and provides a friendly and helpful experience.

Internal Communications

Modern communication tools provide a wide range of options for keeping internal teams on the same page. They help to ensure that employees and leaders are well-informed and engaged. Effective internal communication strategies are vital for fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

Tarkenton helps partners utilize internal communication tools and internal communication software to keep employees aligned with their company’s goals, culture and values.