Reimagining Google Ads

One-of-a-kind managed Google Ads service for small- and medium-sized business growth


Digital Marketing


Competitive market research and strategy
User testing and data analysis
Front and back-end software development
Pilot program coordination and execution
Marketing collateral creation
Sales and support training


Created Competitive Differentiator
Increased Client Retention and NPS
Delivered Expanded Wallet Share




A Fortune 500 company partnered with Tarkenton to develop and incorporate a digital advertising service into their B2B service offerings. The partner’s strategic objectives were threefold:

  1. Competitive differentiation.
  2. Increase client wallet share.
  3. Grow brand allegiance among their small and mid-sized business clients.

Tarkenton designed and piloted the concept for a managed Google Ads product in direct partnership with Google, developed the technology and resources for service delivery, and provides ongoing service to the partner’s clients and internal teams.

Our success as a company is directly tied to helping our clients grow and succeed. We knew that digital marketing services would be a unique way for our company to not only provide essential services to our clients but also stand out from any of our competitors. Tarkenton helped us focus our thinking, made the connections with key players at Google, smoothly handled the development process, and even provides world-class service directly to our clients. It’s a level of drive and commitment unlike any other partner we have.

- VP, Business Development

the opportunity

An enterprise partner with a substantial small and mid-sized business client base identified the need to provide its clients with a meaningful digital marketing service. They contacted Tarkenton for guidance on what the solution should be and how it would bring value to their clients and their organization.

Through focused and diligent work with the partner’s research and development team, Tarkenton identified a distinct need for a search advertising offering. While research indicated the need for such a service, it was determined that many clients lacked the time or in-house resources to invest in the creation, management, and optimization of such advertising strategies. Including a digital marketing product with their current offerings would enable the partner to not only reduce churn, but also increase client wallet share by helping clients grow and, ultimately, driving greater demand for the partner’s core service.

The partner turned to Tarkenton for help in identifying, developing, and delivering the right novel service.

the process

Working within the exclusive, invitation-only, Google Ads Partner Program, Tarkenton conducted market research to identify if the level of need was great enough within the partner’s client base to invest in a digital advertising product, while also analyzing the broader small business market to study where digital advertising fell along the spectrum of needs of small businesses in general.

Once sufficient data was captured, the Tarkenton team set about to pilot the concept of an automated Google Ads platform that catered to the needs of small-to-mid-sized business clients. The pilot program helped Tarkenton outline a complete development roadmap of all the features and processes that needed to be built and automated. Through the development of a comprehensive user journey map, Tarkenton identified the marketing, service, financial, operational, and sales processes needed to support the optimal user experience.

The next step in the process was to partner with cross-functional teams within both Google and the partner to develop a business case that ensured alignment among internal teams, roadmaps, and budgets.

Through the use of sprint planning best practices, Tarkenton’s development team developed the beta version of the automated Google Ads platform. Once developed, it was deployed to clients through a self-discovery pilot, allowing users to find and use the product without the support and expense of marketing resources. This approach facilitated user feedback and produced utilization metrics that were used to further streamline the solution prior to a full-scale service launch.

Leveraging key findings from the iterative design, development, and testing processes, combined with market research, Tarkenton developed and delivered a comprehensive marketing plan—along with supportive assets such as sales sheets, infographics, blog posts, webinars, and podcast episodes—for partner deployment.

the outcome

Retention, NPS, and wallet share metrics have increased in direct proportion to the clients that have utilized the service. Tarkenton continues to support the partner’s clients through the SaaS platform, Google Ads account managers, who monitor the success of Ads campaigns, assist with optimizations, and provide 1-on-1 consultation and support with the product as a whole.

Clients have been enthusiastic about the service, citing the ease of campaign creation, the cost savings, and the outstanding results that consistently beat industry averages.