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Front and back-end software development
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A Fortune 500 company partnered with Tarkenton to incorporate B2B sales and marketing software services into their core offerings for the purpose of increasing the life-time value of the client relationship. Tarkenton formulated the concept for the service, developed the software to deliver the service, established data connections and integrations with the partner’s membership services platform, and provides ongoing service to the partner’s clients and internal teams.

Tarkenton skillfully applied their innate understanding of the wants and needs of the small and mid-size business into the development of software services that truly help those businesses grow. Furthermore, Tarkenton’s zealous focus on delivering a world-class experience to both our clients and our team is what makes them one of our most important strategic partners.

- VP, Business Development

the opportunity

An enterprise partner with a substantial small business client base wanted to explore ways to provide greater value to its clients by providing them with sales and marketing software services. The partner pursued this course of action to fulfill its stated strategic objectives of (1) creating compelling differentiation in a highly competitive category and (2) increasing the life-time value of its client relationships.

Through their independent client and market research, the partner determined a need for sales and marketing services to complement their existing B2B service portfolio, but recognized that such services were outside the organization’s core competencies and experience. The partner determined that if they were to independently pursue the development and delivery of the services, it would likely consume too much time and resources, which would negatively impact their core business. For help, they reached out to Tarkenton, who had already proven an ability to build and service supplementary products for their target audience.

the process

First, the Tarkenton strategy team worked directly with the partner’s strategy, product, data, and service leaders to define the market need and business opportunity. We studied their client base to understand what services would be most relevant, and used service data to identify common questions and concerns that their existing services did not address. This research helped us determine what services to offer and how to integrate them into the partner’s existing sales and service model.

The Tarkenton development team proceeded to develop the sales and marketing SaaS platform. We collaborated with the partner’s product, data, and global security teams to ensure they were fully integrated into their existing client interface. Our developers continue to provide ongoing maintenance, innovation, and security oversight.

To support the partner’s sales and marketing apparatus, Tarkenton also delivered the following assets:

  • Brand guide
  • Logo
  • Marketing website
  • Marketing collateral
  • Talk tracks
  • Sales reference guides
  • In-person group training events
  • Remote video presentations
  • Sales incentive programs

Finally, the Tarkenton service and operation teams continues to provide support for this product. For our partner’s internal teams, we deliver ongoing training and support for their sales and service organizations. For clients and their employees, we provide phone, online chat, and email support.

the outcome

Tarkenton currently supports and services more than 50,000 of the partner’s business clients. In an average month, the Tarkenton service team facilitates thousands of service interactions with small and mid-size business operators.

This program has been a major catalyst in the partner’s record-breaking sales performance and growth in client retention. Tarkenton continues to support and enhance these additional services with ongoing content, features, and support.