Tarkenton Certificate


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The Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship

An MBA-level entrepreneurship education course (without the MBA price tag).
Help would-be entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

Free to Join | 30% commission per sale (up to $315 per sale) | 120 day cookie | Web banners provided
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[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”What am I selling?” state=”closed”] Affiliates sell the Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Combining the educational expertise of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business faculty with the entrepreneurial legacy of the Tarkenton Institute, the program teaches not only business skills but also entrepreneurial thinking. Our Program includes 100 hours of video lectures and hands-on practical assignments to prepare you for the world of entrepreneurship. The Certificate program’s retail price is $850. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Who is your target customer?” state=”closed”] New entrepreneurs, existing business owners who want to run a better business, and early retirees who want to start a business of their own. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?” state=”closed”] No. Joining the Tarkenton Certificate Affiliate Program is absolutely free to qualified affiliates. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”What do I do after signing up?” state=”closed”] Log in to your account and you’ll have instant access to your affiliate link and professionally designed banners. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”How do I get credit for those who I sign up?” state=”closed”] Use your affiliate link to help businesses sign up for Tarkenton.org. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”What is the commission for selling the Tarkenton Certificate?” state=”closed”] The commission rate for the Tarkenton Certificate is 30% of each customer’s enrollment fee. You can earn up to $300 per sale! [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”How are commissions paid? Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer?” state=”closed”] Earned commissions are paid monthly by check. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”How often are commissions paid?” state=”closed”] Commissions will be paid to the Affiliate on a monthly basis, with commission checks mailed in the second week of each calendar month based on the Paid Orders received in the previous calendar month. Any returns or charge backs will be similarly deducted from the Affiliate’s revenue share. You are able to review your commission accrual in the Report section of your Affiliate Site on a daily basis. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?” state=”closed”] If you have questions about the program, please contact the Affiliate Support Center at 866.467.6249 or email us at affiliate@tarkenton.com [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup]
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