About Us

Tarkenton Companies serves the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country, operating through several subsidiaries to offer everything from small business software to retirement solutions to sports entertainment content.

Based on the business philosophy of Founder and CEO Fran Tarkenton, Tarkenton Companies is centered on three fundamental principles:

  • The mission of business is to help other people. Success comes from helping other people solve problems in their lives. It’s not about us—it’s about serving you.
  • Be willing to reinvent yourself every day. We are ready to do whatever it takes to best serve our customers, and we are open to new ideas and ways of doing things to achieve that goal.
  • We learn from everything we do. No one has all the answers. Whenever we try something, we will learn from it, whether it succeeds or fails, and we’ll be ready to make it even better the next time.

Above all, Tarkenton Companies works every day to find new opportunities for service and growth in today’s market.